Critical Reflective Practice Reflection

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Understating the role of reflective practice demonstration of the basic skills in the reflection Social work is vast and multi-faceted area which has numerous fields involves a lot of processes and embodies many methods, skills and abilities. As a fact that social work is continuous process of learning and learning may be many types. So, it is important to keep the process of learning active and in order to be able to do so some methods are used in social work. On such method is reflective practice which is ability of an individual to present her/his reflection upon the subject for the sake of continuous and active learning. Reflective practice can be defined as "paying critical attention to the practical values and theories which inform everyday…show more content…
There are individuals who belong to different areas and professions such as nursing, sociology, psychology and such other areas. There are certain models and theories that are used to educate social workers and at the same time they are encouraged to develop certain set of skills in order to play their role effectively. There are reflective attitudes that need to be developed and shaped in accordance with conditions. A critical reflective attitude must be embodied with congruent programs in order to be able to equip themselves with changing world (Germain,…show more content…
Social work is done for many reasons such as initiating campaign like, cohesion, people empowerment, social change and so. Social work is directed under certain philosophies and ideologies and social thoughts, scientific theories as human rights, social justice. The approaches of social work may differ but they all are directed to the shared objective of enhancing wellbeing and creating a human society with minimum difficulties and problems. Therefore, different learning and educating methods are used in order to make sure that the theories of social work are embedded with the current trends and
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