Narrative Report On Child Abuse

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Madison Rummel I feel that if it is our job to report it, we have to report. Kids or adolescents have to understand that if you go to someone about child abuse they have to tell someone about it. But I would make sure that child knows that i would be on there side and make sure nothing would happen to them and they can trust me on helping them on this issue. That's also can keep away the negative feeling the parent or client might have on the issue. I would make sure the parents know that i am their child's counselor and i wouldn't do anything to them that would harm them but protect them. Let them know that I would help their child be able to overcome the fact they are now in a case were they are going to have to face their demons. I would be able to “walk a…show more content…
I feel that clients of any abuse come to us as their safe place. The place where they can talk to someone and us as the counselors help them get through it. No one knows their problems except for us their counselors. A place where their abuser can't touch them, and tell you anything without being afraid to be judge. They want to have this bubble of protection. But when you have to tell them that as your counselor and of knowledge of possible abuse you have to report it to the authorities, as it is your job. Once they know they they shut down. They don't see us as their safe place anymore and they don't feel that we are there for them. To take care of this situation I would make sure that they know that this still can be their bubble of safe. That For me being their counselor im there to help them solve their problems and overcome their battle of abuse.It could also strain the relationship with the family. For parents they to us as people to help their children and i think that the previous problem could be a problem to. They don't want to expose their child to their abuser, they just want them to come to us their counselors
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