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The present paper attempts to examine the various roles English teachers play, e.g. learning, unlearning and relearning. Similarly, the teacher’s role extends beyond the classroom. The paper tries to define a reflective teacher, who is capable of monitoring, critiquing and defending their actions in planning, implementing and evaluating language programs. It also suggests some measures to make English teaching effective.
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Teacher is an integral part of any education system. Education is a companion which no future can depress,
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Although there is a growing body of literature on reflective learners….there has not been concomitant attention to the notion of reflective teachers.”2 Who is a teacher? A person who learns, unlearns and relearns is an ideal teacher. An ideal teacher is also one who is a person in the quest of knowledge; an individual who collects and imparts information to the other seekers who are in equal need of it; an individual with openness to new ideas and notions regarding a specific domain; a reflective thinker, encoder and decoder of ideas; and a humanist by nature and…show more content…
Language teachers should liberally use aids in order to appreciate the nuances of language. This will also make Indian students understand the intricacies of this foreign tongue. Technology must be interlaced with teaching to make it really effective. The various advantages of embedding technology to teaching can be summarized as follows:
a) Depth of understanding: interactive simulations and illustrations can take a class far beyond chalk and talk. The use of modern devices like projectors can replace the use of hand movements by teachers.
b) Upgradation of presentation: our work is the presentation of our capabilities. By upgrading the presentation skills and with the use of modern devices, the subjects become easier for the students to grasp and therefore making it effective.
c) Use of the internet: the e-learning tools play a vital role in the spread of education. The sharing of information through communication technology enhances

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