Reflective Teaching Approach Essay

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Technological University of the Philippines
College of Industrial Education
Professional Industrial Education Department
Ayala Boulevard, Ermita, Manila

Analysis of the Reflective Teaching Approach: input to the Teaching Model Framework for Industrial/Technology Education in the College of Industrial Education


Regencia, Rodil C.
Pacomo, Carla Patricia G.


Introduction “A thousand teachers, a thousand methods”
- Chinese proverb Learning is considered one of the essential requirement in living, it involves different types of theories, approach, strategies, and learning style of the students, in other words there are different types of learner, and there is also different ways
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Since reflecting is a good teaching approach, is it really effective to the learning of the students in the College of Industrial Education.

Background of the Study Reflective teaching or reflective method is like dependent learning it requires the learner to be aware of his/her learning. Study and learning of the students comes from the different approaches, strategies, methods and even principles. Learning is said to be the change in behaviour of the learner or a students. Therefor; reflective teaching approach may help to foster the learning of the students, and reflective teaching approach is not only for the students it also help for the teacher to further improve their teaching. Reflection help both student and teacher to improve their critical thinking skills. According to John Dewey who is often considered to be the originator of the concept of reflection defines reflective practice as an ‘active persistent, and careful consideration of any belief or supposed form of knowledge in the light of the grounds that support in, and the further conclusions to which it tends…’(1993, p. 6). Reflection is a continuous process,

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