Essay On Constructivist Theory

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From the viewpoints presented in this section, it can be said that constructivist teacher learning and professional development have parallel nature and feature to constructivist young learners’ learning. It can also be said that as modern approach to instruction and teacher CPD, reflective teaching is consistent with constructivist theories of instruction and teacher CPD. Thus, the researcher believes that the principles of constructivist theory are applicable to this study which considered EFL teachers as active and self-directed adult learners through reflection that involves them teaching and at the same time learning and developing professionally while they were in their own authentic work context.

In the context, they are active beings who have the ability to think, learn, construct their own knowledge, and develop professionally rather than passive beings who passively wait for and receive information from external sources in the form of instruction or reading for their learning and professional development. Their reflection, as constructivist learning, is active and dynamic process which enables them to construct new knowledge that builds on from their own teaching experiences. This constructivist reflective learning involves learning in their real life contexts; is flexible in terms of their needs, time, reflective strategies
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This individualized reflection caters for their differences: differences in teaching experiences, expertise, needs, level of qualification, teaching contexts, personality traits, and so on. In other words, it gives them the opportunity to self-regulate their learning and development on their own in their workplace by using different reflective strategies which they think are appropriate for this individual reflective
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