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Reflective teaching is a process of self- assessment and self- observation. Through reflective teaching, the teachers can explore and discover their own ideas and practices, which can make the teachers more proficient and skilled in teaching. Teaching is an intricate and highly accomplished process, and teachers must implement self evaluation (reflection) to make learning effective. The paper highlights the importance of reflective teaching and its impact on pedagogical process as well as language learners. It focuses on the teacher’s ideas; classroom practices to make teaching more refine and acquire a rich experience by amending the drawbacks. The paper further explores the underlying principles of a reflective teacher and endeavouring best to…show more content…
Is it right? What is the alternative?
• Wholeheartedness: - Dewey refers wholeheartedness as passion to restructure teaching by reflection. Teachers, who are enthusiastic, regularly scrutinize their own hypothesis and perspective .They aspire to learn something new.
Teachers realize the necessity of reflective teaching when they understand "a difficult, troublesome event or experience that cannot be immediately resolved" (Zeichner & Liston, 1996, p. 8).In the early 1980 's, reflective teaching came into sight in the literature about teaching and learning (Eryaman, 2007). Donald Schon (1983) wrote widely about reflective practice According to Schon, Reflection can be seen in two time frames- Reflection- on -action and reflection- in- action.
Education theorist David Kolb (1984) upholds reflection viewing as a necessary part of engaging and motivating the learner. Psychotherapist Carl Rogers (1982) expresses that reflection is an effective strategy to enhance self-discovery; he views self-discovery as the only learning which significantly influences behaviour. In 1986, educational philosopher Lev Vygotsky promoted reflection as building affinity between the teacher and

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