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I am an immigrant in the United States, so everyday my writing and speaking in English is always an important challenge for me during working and studying. Writing and speaking in English help me not only for my socializing and working but also for my teaching and raising the kids in the U.S. Moreover, I do not want to stop my challenge, so I have decided to go back to school to continue my graduate program at CSUS. Then, this English 220W course is so important for me to improve my writing in the discipline as my graduate project in the future.
Being working more than 16 years with Department of Water Resources, I have written a lot of daily reports and sometime memorandum and some parts of the specifications. In addition, I haven’t known what my discipline I am doing for my job. However, this course helps me to recognize why, what, and how I write in my discipline which is engineering and science fields.
Start looking at first assignment for writing in discipline (WID), I have learnt what type and style documents have been used in my discipline. They are lab reports, daily reports, and specifications. Each type of these documents is a genre in the California State services.
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Based on the second assignment for genre analysis, I have learnt all these science journals have same the format and macrostructure. In addition, both authors and reader are same their careers as scientists, professors, graduate students, and researchers. Depend on the length of results, discussion, analysis, methods, and experiments, these articles demonstrate in different style or structures as graphs, tables, figures, paragraphs, or calculations. However, these science articles have a majority sections as abstract, methods, results, discussion, conclusion, and reference to deliver the topic to other
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