Reflective Essay: Improving My Writing Composition

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My primary destination was to fulfill the English requirement to complete my degree, but in the meantime, it has become my focus to improve my composition accomplishments. Writing composition for me is a scary feeling, especially at the university level. Getting word to write papers is fairly new to me and very intimidating. One of the most difficult things to overcome is writer’s block, hence the reason it took me a few months to submit my first assignment. I was always afraid of the mistakes I would make in grammar, or not have anything to write in my essays. Once I started writing, although it was very challenging I managed to complete them, as I sensed it was an important skill to possess. I also believed it would help me to become a more proficient writer for my other courses, therefore, I wanted to complete this course of study prior to the other classes. What I didn't comprehend was that this course would also make me a more self-assured individual. In new situations, it always makes me a bit…show more content…
In addition, I tended to go all over with my ideas to confuse the audience. I feel I have a full grip on keeping up the controlling ideas of the paper. So, what I learned is how to write university level papers in a coherent manner, and build up the paragraphs in a manner that creates sense to the right audience. I must admit though I still struggle to come up with ideas to write on certain topics. Additionally, I had dropped a good deal of my time attempting to calculate out if I have less than eight sentences and not more than the required paragraphs. Here, I conceive a number of pages or words would have been easier to preserve track of. I was really stimulated to have a tutor who guided me appropriately and edited my writing to help build me a more serious writer if not a complete one. I constantly looked ahead to her constructive feedback on each
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