How To Write A Reflective Essay About My Writing Process

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All writers are supposed to have a writing process. However, most people these days don't have a process for their writing. From this course and from the article, I learnt that the process of writing is crucial for writing. In addition, it seems that the main responsibility falls on the traditional method of teaching writing, which largely ignores the writing process. As a student, I didn’t know how to write. My teacher used to tell me to write a composition about a subject, and to hand it in afterwards without any further instructions. Therefore, I labored to write the composition, even though I did not know, how I am supposed to write it. When I was in the psychometric course, I needed to decide on the content of the essay before the actual writing. It was difficult for me since one of my weaknesses in writing was to decide on the content before writing. It could take me hours to do this. Therefore, most of the time, I dealt with this by running away from the decision and just writing freely. This course taught me the process of writing, which as it was written in the article is it divided to three main stages: prewriting, writing and revising. Before rushing to the actual writing, there was the first stage, prewriting. At this stage, I needed to write a plan, which included the content for each paragraph in…show more content…
I felt that it helped me enrich my writing as well. Moreover, seeing different kinds of writing was delightful and fascinating because each person wrote differently, and I gain a lot from only editing. Furthermore, it seemed that I could edit others' works better than mine. I noticed that when I edited my work, I sometimes did not repair some of my errors, or did not erase ideas that should be erased since I was attached to my work. However, after noticing it, I started to edit my work again after approximately a week since I noticed that after a while, I was more capable to edit my work
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