Reflective Writing Thesis Statement

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Reflective writing is a way for an author to process the practice of writing to produce learning (University of Reading). The theory of a Blueprint for Grant Reform came from a personal experience when I enrolled at Ivy Tech Community College in the fall of 2010. The qualifications for the Frank O’Bannon Grant Program do not allow part-time students access to funding within this program. This experience began a series of investigations and research to further the discussion or argument brought in this reflection writing. In academic theory, the author reveals what the Toulmin Method represents by providing a claim with a series of qualifiers, exceptions, and reasons. Secondly, the author presents a number of objections and rebuttals for the critical readers and viewers to visit both sides of the argument. Lastly, in the concluding paragraph, the author reveals the thesis statement to solidify the argument. The Blueprint of Grant Reform in Indiana will serve both traditional and nontraditional students in the 21st century by offering an in depth look at possible…show more content…
One of the learning outcomes in preparing the Toulmin Method assignment was the challenge of writing a solid argument without placing the thesis statement in the introduction. Furthermore, the author had an event in her family that limited her time to compile research, develop a working thesis, and formulate ideas into a readable text for a peer review. Some of the errors I made initially were trying to use the classical argument previously written to act as an outline for the Toulmin Method. Consequently, I started with the thesis statement in the introduction. I had a number of successes while doing research for this assignment. If I were to stand back and be objective concerning writing this Toulmin Method argument, I would have read or previewed additional examples of the Toulmin Method prior to beginning writing my rough
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