Refletive Speech: My Parent

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Firstly I just want to take a moment and digest the fact that I’m actually giving my 2nd speech because honestly it took me forever. Last week I had a talk with myself. I told myself that if don’t give my speech this week then I would probably never give it. So I sat down to write it, but I was blank. I sat there for an hour, hour and a half staring into the blues. I just couldn’t come up with a topic! So my mum walked up to me and asked “What are you doing?” I said “oh I 'm writing my speech “ She looked at me and said “FINALLY!” and then I told her I couldn’t think of anything , so she said “ Pooja you didn’t really mention her in you icebreaker so why don’t you talk about her.” And then it clicked!

Good Morning madam/master toastmaster, fellow toastmasters and dear teacher.

Today I 'm going to talk about one of the most important person in my life, my sibling! Her name is … how about I tell you guys her name in the end. And like William Shakespeare once said “What in the name?”

The reason I didn’t really mention much about her in my ice breaker is because I can’t sum up her character in my life in about 30 seconds.

When I started writing my speech I asked a few of my friends to describe their younger sibling in one word and they replied “annoying” , “Pain” and some of them even said “partner in crime” “best friend”. I wish I could come up on this stage and talk about how notorious she is and that she’s a mess and all of those words people use to describe their

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