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Known to treat a variety of medical conditions, reflexology is a great relief option for those who have pain or tension in their bodies and stress in their lives. Below, the reflexology experts of the Shawano, WI area discuss the answers to frequently asked questions about reflexology.

What Is Reflexology?
An ancient form of natural healing, reflexology is a non-intrusive therapy used to promote better health for patients. Reflexology can be defined as the application of pressure to specific points on the hands, feet and ears in order to stimulate relaxation in other areas of the body. Reflexologists believe that reflexology strengthens your body and allows it to heal itself, providing stress-free and painless living.

How Does Reflexology Relieve Pain and Stress?
Reflexologists see the feet, hands and ears as a roadmap to the entire body. Using foot charts for assistance, a reflexologist will apply pressure and simulation to a specific area on your feet, hands or ears in order to relieve stress or pain from a corresponding organ or area of your body. Reflexology reduces tension from your head to your toes in order to strengthen your immune system, calm the nervous system, improve blood circulation, and eliminate toxins to improve your overall health.

Is Reflexology
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Reflexologists are not trained to diagnose or cure but rather to help your body so it can heal itself naturally. In a typical reflexology session, a patient will take off his or her shoes and socks so the reflexologist can apply pressure to specific points on the feet, hands or ears. Through pressure and stretching, there may be moments of slight discomfort, but overall the session should be relaxing. Because reflexology is also detoxifying, it’s important to consume ample water after your appointment to prevent dehydration. After a treatment or two, a patient can expect to feel a better sense of well-being and relaxation
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