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The aim of the paper is to provide the knowledge and importance of operations management in an organisation. The Refresco company is selected which is one of the juice manufacturer in the UK. According to Refresco (2015), the company brings liquid food and soft drinks and has one of the most comprehensive logistics infrastructures around Europe. The managed route of the juice manufacturer from sourcing, manufacturing and contract packing and to packing and 3PL solutions, they have the large and small businesses alike.
In accordance of Dair (2015), the company customer base also says a lot about scale and size, which has proven the capability to make quality juices as well as quantity in it. On the other hand, the 3PL solutions are employed
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Following are the activities that organisation, uses: the definition of the strategic objectives; hand tools mints or quantitative techniques employed, and manage human resources (Davis, Lockwood, Pantelidis and Alcott, 2013).
Within this perspective, we find the management of operations in all areas of the organisational environmental action involving the directors, managers, supervisors and / or any employee of the company. The processes have inputs and outputs customers. In this sense, the first responsibility of an operation management team of Refresco is to understand the organisational objectives, translating them in terms of implications for the purpose of specific performance, such as cost, quality, delivery time, flexibility, innovation and productivity (Refresco, 2015).

Current Process
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For operations in Refresco, these are well implemented and managed, it is necessary to monitor performance. This monitoring should cover the most important aspects of operations in an attempt to achieve competitive advantage for the organisation. The main aspects were listed by Slack (1993), and are the following:
Quality: the quality is present in Refresco when customers receive the juices without wasting their time as well as in a proper way. According to Krajewski, Ritzman and Malhotra (2013), hygiene and cleanliness are visible in facilities and in their employees; in a manufacturing company, it is seen when the specifications are met, the product has high reliability and is delivered without any defects.
Cost: In the Refresco, the cost provides monetary gain in business. The correct cost management margins are being eroded, which add value and those that do not add, as well as enable reductions where they really make a difference, seeking to enhance and direct investments which will bring significant gains for the

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