Disadvantages Of Refrigerator

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Refrigerators have a great impact on society. It has made life easier and more efficient. It was invented in 1853 by James Harrison. He made the first ever refrigerator that had storage space and used ice to cool the air. There were many other types of refrigerators such as iceboxes, air pump refrigerators, and vapor comprehension refrigerators. For example, before in 1810, John Leslie used an air pump to freeze water to make ice. In 1834 Jacob Perkins got the first patent for a vapor-compression refrigerator. In 1851 John Gorrie got a patent for a machine that made ice to cool the air. Then in 1853, James Harrison created the first ever refrigerator that had storage space and that made ice to cool the air. James Harrison then got a patent for his refrigerator in 1856. The refrigerator is very helpful and useful to society. Refrigerators are so important to society because they have so many benefits to the world. According to,…show more content…
According to https://www.hunker.com/12448854/what-are-the-disadvantages-of-a-refrigerator some negatives of the refrigerator are the cost of running them every year. Refrigerators take up a huge amount of your electric bill. One-tenth of your energy is used on your refrigerator. Another big negative to this piece of technology is that it has many mechanical problems throughout the year. During the year at least once you realize your refrigerator is not working. All your food gets spoiled and you have to call a repairer instantly. Another negative is that refrigerators are slowly hurting the earth. They are not eco-friendly. Refrigerators have a chemical in them called chlorofluorocarbon and when it mixes with the air it hurts earth's ozone layer. One last negative is that the price of the refrigerator is very high now. A refrigerator that is average right now would be at least 500 dollars to 1000 dollars. Refrigerators are helpful but
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