Refugee Blues And Disabled Wilfred Owen Analysis

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The two war poets Wilfred Owen and WH Auden both spectate different wars but presented the horrors of war; alienation, loss and desolation in their poems. Although “Refugee Blues” and “Disabled” both signify the same theme, each poet uses different techniques and styles to depict the leitmotif of their poem. The images portrayed in both poems give a great sense of tragedy and loss from different perspectives. Although the soldier is still living, he has to now experience a life of melancholy, solitude and adversity. Moreover, the tragedy in “Refugee Blues” is also a great loss as we realize how discernible discrimination was. Purportedly, everyone was equal, some were more equal than others. Though “Refugee Blues” uses its format and rhyme…show more content…
“voices rang like saddening hymns”, Voices of young boys enjoying themselves saddens the soldier as they remind him of his lost youth. The comparison to a hymn serves to echo the sound of an elegy at a funeral, mourning the death of his youth. Moreover, “ghastly suit of grey” reinforces the bitterness of the veteran through the harsh sounds created through alliteration and this could additionally be seen as a vestige of a ghost. It could be interpreted that his “suit” is like a mask, a metaphorical concealment of himself from others, indicating feelings of shame at his physique. Subsequently, the word “legless” could have multiple alternative interpretations. On a literary degree, it presents the veteran’s disabilities which is then reinforced by the enjambment at the end of the sentence. The alienation in “Disabled” is also shown by the ignorance of others towards him. In the poem, all of the people that are mentioned post war see him as a “queer disease”. He has succumbed to the idea that he is not a real, complete man anymore; others can probably sense this about him, and they stay away because they do not want to be dragged down by his self-pity. The idea that only “some” cheered him home suggests that no one wanted to see the negative aspects of the war; which the speaker

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