Compare And Contrast Refugee Blues And The Last Night

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Refugee Blues and The last Night both show how the plight towards the Jews is portrayed through the varied use of structural and literary devices and emotive language. The word ‘plight’ is “a condition, state, or situation, especially an unfavourable or unfortunate one:” This word is applicable to the texts because both poems talk about how the Jewish were in prejudice by the Nazi's and how they felt for what they believe in. Refugee Blues focuses on the misfortune of being Jewish and provokes sympathy at their impossible situation. Similarly the Last Night also focuses on the innocence of the Jewish people; it gives the imagery of two little boys in their last moments of freedom and shows misfortunate events that occur to the Jews leading to their deaths. This is portrayed through language and content. The poem is written to the tune of the Blues song which initiates a sense of melancholy. The purpose of both pieces of text is to inform people about the abuse of human rights and the suffering of all refugees and Jews. The pieces are aimed for German Jews, Refugees, historians: to know what happened during this time…show more content…
Each last line of a stanza unlocks another chamber to the difficulty they face. Associating the structure and rhythm; the repetition of ‘my dear’ creates that Blues rhythm. The initial paragraphs in ‘The Last Night’ are long, descriptive, detailed they set up a pitch-black and helpless situation, and the shorter paragraphs show a sense of powerlessness as the Jews approach and inevitable death. For the short sentences "The children were at the deepest moments of sleep" shows contrast to show how dreams were completely different from

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