Refugee Crisis Research Paper

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Table of Contents ABSTRACT LIST OF ACRONYMS CHAPTER 1 BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY. 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Hypothesis 1.3 Statement of the Research Problem 1.4 Justification of the study 1.5 Research Objectives of the study 1.5.1 General objectives 1.5.2 Specific Objectives 1.6 Research Questions 1.7 Literature Review 1.8 Research Methodology 1.9 Chapter Outline CHAPTER 2 CHAPTER 3 CHAPTER 4 CHAPTER 5 References ABSTRACT The aim of the study is to examine the impact of the refugee crisis to the global security in the great lakes region. The region has a reputation of having a huge number of asylum seekers and refugees and there are an increasing number…show more content…
The UNHCR which has been funded by donor states, private donors and international organizations, functions as the guardian of international refugee law. The international community was totally unprepared for the Great Lakes crisis that happened in Zaire (now DRC) following the most terrible genocides in the world history: the 1994 Rwanda Genocide (Wagner, 2009). 1.2 Hypothesis The hypothesis that has been considered in this study is that the refugees that come from the neighbouring and countries in the Great Lakes region increases the probability that a country will face security issues. 1.3 Statement of the Research…show more content…
At the same time, the study will show the level of the refugee crisis that is occurring in the said region and how it affects the security of the international community. The research will come up with new understanding, it will therefor add on to the information that has already been documented. It will also show various proposals that can address the refugee crisis in the Great Lakes region. 1.5 Research Objectives of the study. 1.5.1 General Objectives. The general objective of the study will be to assess the impact of the refugee crisis on the global security with a special focus on the Great Lakes Region. 1.5.2 Specific Objectives. The study will however specifically seek to: 1) Determine the causes of refugee flows to receiving countries in the Great Lakes Region. 2) Assess the aspects of security implications that the refugees have on the receiving countries in the Great Lakes Region. 3) Discuss the policy responses to security issues and other challenges related to refugee flows focusing on the Great Lakes

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