Refugee Family Counselor

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It is the counselor’s responsibility to all equal access and opportunity to each client that is in his or her care (Sue & Sue, 2013). I counselor should always remember their own thoughts on life should be separate so that when it comes to advocating for a client they are open minded to their feelings and situations and not their own. This also helps the client include building skills in relationships and communicating with the client as well as outside sources to help the client achieve the ability to live an unassisted life (Erford, 2014). Counselors reach out to the community to find job opportunities, support groups, and social groups that coincide with the client’s values and culture (Sue & Sue, 2013). Evaluate the historical/current implications regarding immigration, poverty, and welfare.…show more content…
A family of Muslim faith that is a refugee family will likely have a home in poverty stricken area that makes them vulnerable to robbery, break-ins, and gang violence. Many refugee parents will not understand the world that their children are living in because of violence, peer pressure, and drugs, which may strain the family unit. Jobs are hard to find because of cultural and language barriers which causes immigrants to become stricken with poverty making it hard to provide for their family so they have to seek out government assistance. This too can become stressful because they may not understand how to seek the help that is needed to be ok again (Maloof, Ross-Sheriff, & Asani, 2003). Racism is all over the United States and there seems to be racist people in every nationality. This will not go away because the media and the community feed into the negative aspects of life and then throws more fuels on to the fire. The writer likes to battle racism by showing kindness to all people so that she can prove that not everyone is
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