Asylum Seekers Study

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The main aim of this interview is to dig out in depth information about the challenges and prospects of refugees and asylum seekers social integration, which the study is interested in. As a result, structured and unstructured interview questionnaires (checklists) will be prepared to be administered to selected key informants. These key informants will be selected from refugees and asylum seekers themselves and other Voluntaries (Ehrenamtliche) , social worker at refugees/asylum seekers residence (Flüchtlingswohnheim), Social security office, and others whom the researcher believes have rich information about the issue to be studied( Diakonie and Caritas Refugee support program coordinators). A total of 18 key informants will be
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single male and single female), and single mothers to get sufficient information on the major challenges of social integration for refugees and asylum seekers, the future prospects for refugees and asylum seekers, the daily routine problems that the refugees and asylum seekers face in new society and the effect of social assistance on the social integration of refugees and asylum seekers. There will be 3-5 FGDs and each FGD will consist at least a minimum of 6 members or…show more content…
There shall be a literature of different scholars work on related topics, in order to frame issues for the study and to avoid redundant effort. Different documents and files on challenges and prospects of social integration of refugees and asylum seekers will be collected from BAMF, Pro Asyl, Diakonie, Caritas, UNHCR and shall be explored. On the basis of the review of literature and document reading, basic points to be raised in the interview and FGD will be identified; and this shall be done to sample population that will be selected from refugee and asylum seeker communities.
1.10.5 Ethical Consideration
Ethics in research is concerned primarily with the interaction between the researcher and the people involved in the study. The researcher is expected to explicitly consider the needs and concerns of people involve in the study. In light of these, the following ethical issues will be taken into account when the research will undertake:
 The objective of this study will be made clear to each participant.
 All the respondents will participate in the research voluntarily.
 Only those participants who are voluntary will be
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