Essay On How To Determine The Status Of Refugees

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Determine the Refugee Status
Another term to determine the refugee status is about eligibility of a person. To determine refugee status can be used the consisting criteria of elements or factors, namely subjective and objective. Subjective factor is factors on self refugees themselves, who requested the refugee status. This factor determines whether in that person there is a sense of fear or fears of persecution or prosecution. Then, if there is a reason for fear it may be said that the eligibility, and the fears were assessed from the demands fear of the country and threatened freedom. The objective factor is the origin state of refugees in the country is actually contained persecution of certain people. For example, as a result of race differences, religion differences, the different view of politics or others. If the situations are happened in the country, so this state can make person eligibility
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Therefore, the termination of refugee status should be based on the provisions contained in the convention. As for the rights and obligations of refugees is as follows:
1. Countries that contributed to the convention should not treat refugees under both political discrimination with respect to race, religion, or origin country, and their skin colour, and have the freedom to practice their religion also freedom for education of their children where they are accommodates. It is the right of non-discrimination
2. Regarding the personal refugee status set in accordance with the law where they are domiciled. If they do not have a domicile, their personal status is governed by the law where they are placed (residence place). Rights related to marriage must be recognized by the countries to the convention and protocol. It is the right of personal
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