Refugee Who Where Analysis

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In the pieces that we read of refugees fleeing Vietnam, refugees, like Ha, have to overcome the challenge of feeling inside out and back again, facing conflicts like having limited resources and learning a new language. Ha’s family faces many different varieties of challenges, one challenge that she faced is having limited resources. Ha explains, “...rations is now half a clump of rice…” (Lai,88). Traveling over seas and rivers, not only is Ha’s family struggling, but other Vietnamese are struggling as well. Moving across water with little resources cause them to have rations. In the article, Refugees: Who, Where, Why, these refugees experience the same struggle as Ha’s family. The refugees states, “Food and water are provided but they are…show more content…
Live is different in some ways, such as the language. Ha says,“My vocabulary grows…” (Lai,166). A start of a new beginning, Ha has a chance to soak in new knowledge with her young mind. Therefore she is able to grow in her vocabulary and other subjects. Every refugee has their own way of expressing their journey, but many experience the same thing, language. Refugees from Children of War, expresses, “...getting better because we can go to school...couldn’t... in Croatia because we are Muslims.” (Brice). In the past, many refugees weren’t able to have an educational experience, so with new opportunities in America, refugees are able to learn new skills and traits. Live in Vietnam isn’t much different from live in America. Just like Ha, she tells us,“I know Pink Boy will get me, but right now I feel smart,” (Lai,188). Ha is feeling fairly smart at the moment, because she has learned these skills when she was still in Saigon. So, with the bullying of Ha by “Pink Boy,” Ha really wants to soak it in and show off her abilities as soon as possible. With all the conflicts of a harsh journey from Vietnam to America, both Ha and the refugees are experiencing things for the best, so far. So hopefully it stays that way as their new lives start to settle
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