Immigration: The Role Of Immigrants In America

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Immigration has shaped America for centuries, building the foundations for what could have been a great country, but is now resentful. Once begging for more travelers, America has now began pushing them away, turning their backs on the people who they were once welcoming with open arms. Immigrants will make the long journey to America, fighting obstacles along the way, only to be sent back home once they get to the United States. Even refugees are not safe from deportation; many people are sent back to their home countries as soon as they reach America, despite the treacherous conditions they fought along the way. The American government claims that they do not have enough money to support the ever increasing population of America, as well as immigrants and refugees, but that does not excuse sending innocent people back to war-torn countries in which they are persecuted, and-in extreme cases- even killed. Refugees travel to America out of a necessity, a desire to escape…show more content…
Opposition to immigration claims that America does not have enough money, that the American government has to put Americans first, which is valid. However, immigration is not an issue of money and numbers, it cannot be reduced to things simple as that. Immigration and deportation is an issue of people, and whether or not human lives can be put first. At the end of the day- if the issue is truly reduced to money and human lives-it is high time that Americans realize that “human life is more important than money,” and needs to be prioritized (Clark 1). Money may be important, but saving lives, protecting those who need it, will always be more important. The people of America have been putting money first for centuries, allowing greed to consume them. It is time for Americans to put humanity first, and protect immigrants and refugees when they need
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