Refugees In America Essay

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We observe today widescale human rights infringement of refugees and degradation of morality as individuals, including children, sit idle in war torn regions hoping for the chance to make a better life in America. Seeking protection, many brave and vulnerable individuals experience additional breaches of human rights as a consequence of mandatory detention. The United States holds in its hands the power to ensure all refugees are treated with dignity and regard for their basic human rights, and yet still struggles to assure the survival and the success of universal liberty due to xenophobia and bureaucratic interference. Unwilling to witness the continued undoing of human rights to which the United States has consistently been committed, this…show more content…
It is our duty to restore the human rights and dignity of these peoples through education, empathy, and kindness. Only a stepping stone toward future progress, the proposal will allow for the expedition of the admission process and a greater effort by the United States in support of the common good. We can then continue our commitment to help them support their own freedom by providing access to education and work, a basis for a long and positive future in America. Embracing solidarity and accompaniment, we must all learn, individually and collectively, to assist each other on our journey and hear the other side 's concerns. A source of deep shame, xenophobia runs rampant and permeates our media, when the presence of individuals of other cultures should be celebrated as a gift. This country was founded as a melting pot of traditions, backgrounds, cultures, and ideals and as such should witness that the diversity of people who make up our country, and unite us in one humanity. As brothers and sisters at one table, we should join as Americans in welcoming these marginalized members of society and all share in the work of improving their quality of life and letting them see the value each person has. By uniting as one people, engaging with the human
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