Refugees In Canada Essay

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When forced to flee their homes, refugees are faced with having everything to having nothing. Making friends is hard, especially if you are a refugee. People might think that you 're different and treat you unfairly. If refugees are able to make new friends they can try to forget the past and have the normal life they want to live. Refugees have to up and leave everything from their homes and come to a new country. Without the knowledge of the language or culture, it’s hard to make friends, making people unwilling to become your friend. Giving refugees a chance and helping them you can learn that they are just like you and everyone else. After leaving everything behind, refugees children, such as Ha, have to deal with bullying from peers and adapt to a new school culture. Refugees want to have friends and be accepted by their peers, but doing so can be difficult and turn their lives inside out. In the article “Refugee Children in Canada: Searching for Identity” the authors talk getting people to hear refugees stories, “perhaps it is…show more content…
From the article “Refugee Children in Canada: Searching for Identity” The authors stated, “How well children adapt is influenced by several factors… individual resiliency” (Fantino) Refugee children have to have a strong mindset to make friends, or this will be another struggle for refugee children. From the poem “No More” from Inside Out and Back Again after Ha gets teased for wearing a nightgown to school, she says, “I rip it off. Nightgown no more” (Lai 245). Ha has regained confidence and instead of backing away from the problem she fixes it and continues on. Lastly, when Ha was getting chased by a bully, she found the courage to scream back at him, “My heart lifting, I run and shout, Bully! Coward! Pink Snot Face!” (Lai 219). With the help of new friends refugees can learn to live a new, normal
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