Refugees Persuasive Essay

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Responding to the challenges of refugees and asylum seekers has been a popular issue in the U.S. election. While Donald Trump has shown support for banning immigrants and refugees from Islamic nations, Hillary Clinton has shown her support for taking more refugees in. By the end of this year, United States will accept 85,000 refugees and give them the opportunity to re-build their lives. Although a decent start, accepting 85,000 refugees is just not enough while there are 65 million people who have been displaced by violence, and 20 million living as refugees outside their country. The U. S. accepts less than half of one percent of the refugees in the world, while Canada has accepted more than double the number of refugees compared to America. While there is not enough support for protecting refugees who have escaped the war and the inhumanity of the Islamic State in Syria and surrounding areas, the Obama administration has taken a small step by raising the number of accepted refugees to 110,000 by the end of 2017. A few of the internationally recognized human rights being violated are the right to seek asylum and freedom from movement; right to liberty and security of the person, how asylum seekers are treated within the intended country of refuge; The legal instruments that would be relevant to the topic of…show more content…
They are a great organization that gives refugees, asylees, and victims and survivors of human trafficking or torture opportunities to start a new life and contribute to their new communities. I am very interested in helping in the Resettlement Program Support, helping refugees in school enrollments, apartment search and enrolling the clients in social service programs. I am also interested in their English-as-a-Second-Language support and providing one-on-one support to English classes that focus on learning employment related language
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