Refugees: The Horrors Of War And Disasters

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There are thousands of refugees in the world today that are fleeing war and disasters. In order to better understand the lives of refugees people need to know what the definition is. People who are fleeing war and disasters can become refugees in order to save their lives. “The United Nations expanded the definition of refugees to include all victims” who are fleeing from war and disaster (“Refugee Definition”). People will flee to other parts of the world if they feel they are in danger of facing war or disaster. Although refugees are trying to flee the horrors of war and disasters, people seek to positively impact this by finding them new places to live. In the world today there are refugees fleeing war. Thousands of people flee a country when a war starts or when “there is a terrible promise of one” occurring (“Threats of”). Children are deprived of their childhood due to war. “Member states of the United Nations have directed the UN to provide leadership and expert guidance on disaster relief.” (Social and Humanitarian Assistance). People who experience disasters can lose their home and become refugees. Afterwards the people who lost their home try to find a new place to live. Families that have children will struggle to care for them and the children can be deprived of their own childhood as a result of war and disaster which there are two types of disasters that have many different situations. There are also different types of war, which are characterized.

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