Regarding Henry Analysis

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Regarding Henry Essay Tiya Souki In Regarding Henry, this movie is about a self-centered lawyer who has a strong work ethic. He transforms from the Id to the Superego after he gets shot and then starts to act like a man with more morals. Judging from his actions on certain events that occurred, he has a natural Id because that’s how he started off as before the gun accident. From the very start he began to show signs of an Id. One specific scene would be when he went to buy cigarettes in a highly demanding manner which leads to him getting robbed and shot which changed his entire life. Leading on from that event he would get the full care he needs at the hospital, but when time comes to go, he refuses. Although…show more content…
When he had made his daughter sad, he eventually apologizes to her like a real father. When his daughter is at her first day of school and nervous with anxiety, he calms her down and tries to cheer her up before letting her go off. He shows good fatherly traits with morals especially after his injury. He discovers that his wife cheated on him a while ago and when he first finds out he is furiated. Eventually, he remembers his character and his past actions and realizes that it was because of him. After justifying it, he apologizes to her and is reunited with his wife and daughter, full of love for them. Having went through both an Id and a superego, it all comes down to one natural state. That would be the Id because before he had gotten in an accident he was a selfish, self-absorbed lawyer. He wasn’t a bad man, but there is definitely a difference between how he first acted and then how he acted after. He gained morals and respect only after he got hurt because he then recognized the true value of things. Even after that he had Id moments. With a fair share of Superego moments and forgiving others, it is hard to deny that he is a naturally selfish man at
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