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The project definition of Regency Plaza was to build a mixed used project of 300-rooms Regency Plaza Hotel and 96 luxury condominiums within a period of time and to achieve the customers’ needs. The Project Life Cycle could cornerstone for managing projects.
4-Phases of Project Life Cycle

Figure 1: Project Life Cycle

Hodgkins, project management has to list down the main objectives of the project and list all the specifications and gather the team and conduct a proper face-to-face meeting and identify the major responsibilities and ensure that each task is being done accordingly.

Planning is the level of increase and plans are followed accordingly. It is important to build a good relationship with the contractors.
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5-Steps of Defining Project

• Step 1: Defining the Project Scope
• Step 2: Establishing Project Priorities
• Step 3: Creating the work breakdown structure
• Step 4: Integrating the WBS
• Step 5: Coding the WBS for the Information System

Step 1: Defining the project scope
The first step is to define the purpose of the Regency Plaza project. This project scope is a definition of the end result or mission of the project. Therefore, the main purpose is to build a mixed-use project consisting hotel rooms and luxury condominiums within a period of time.

As to ensure that scope definition is completed, the project checklist is the keystone interlocking all elements of a project plan.
Project Scope Checklist:
• Project Objective
• Deliverables
• Milestones
• Technical requirements
• Limits and exclusions
• Reviews with customer

Project Objectives
It is important for a project to have its main objectives. Kris Hodgkins is the project management of this Regency Plaza. Hodgkins has to understand the importance of managing a used mixed project. She has met the overall objectives of meeting the customers’ needs and elaborates on the facilities and the design process as to ensure that the customers understand the
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Hodgkins has to list the milestone of the project and she has to consistently check and communicate with her team as to time needed to complete a task and knowing the cost that is being used to make the Regency Plaza project runs smoothly. By having a timeline and will help the project to know its datelines and date of completion of each and every task.

Technical requirements
A product or service will have technical requirements to ensure proper performance. The Regency Group hired KDS Associates as the project architect. Hence, KDS is specialized in hotel design and has been working closely with Regency on previous projects. It is important for KDS to know the requirements as to ensure the project runs smoothly and within the period of time as to achieve the customers’ needs and defining on every detailed of the project as to ensure I reaches the requirements.

Limits and exclusions
The limits of scope should be defined. If failed it could lead to false expectations and expanding resources and time on the wrong problem. This is when the completion date is drawing nearer the Kelly constructions starts to slow down due to manpower has been switched to the hotel in order to maintain the schedule. Therefore, it is important for subcontractors to maintain a rapid pace in finishing up the task that were given and rectified to any situation as soon as

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