Regeneration Krebs Character Analysis

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How much can one soul endure before it snaps? Krebs proves to be testing the limits of what a heart can endure, and we see only the aftermath of the war’s effect on him. As his family closes in on him, and the world around him proves to be much different than the one he’s been accustomed to, he slowly breaks down with everyday responsibilities and affection.
The town is portrayed as any typical town would be after receiving their veterans; they wouldn’t be worried about one lost soldier that didn’t make it back with the others. People of the town could only listen to war stories for so long before they became dreary and depressing. Krebs trapped himself in his own mind by caging in his stories and thoughts of the war, and had no way to escape
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Krebs received the coldest welcome out of all the soldiers in town, thereby receiving little to no thanks for his service. He didn’t seem to be all too concerned with that aspect, but as a soldier we can gather that he felt used by his own town and neglected.
This place he calls home is more like a cell that only he and his other soldiers endure as they try to resume their lives in regular society; and this hits Krebs hard. His ambition was lost in the war, and the tasks of everyday life seem trivial now. The idea of having to get a job and try to court a girl didn’t interest him anymore; life was meant to only be lived, no longer cultivated in his eyes. Krebs doesn’t want the responsibilities of a girl or job, and only wants to survive.
Little things in Krebs life, such as the girls in it, seem to be an aspect of regular society that are pushed on him harshly. The reader gets the impression that in Krebs’s perspective, women are only chores that he has to put so much effort in that it seems pointless. His family shackles him to this idea that he will have to snap out of it and face everyday
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