Regent Park Revitalization Project Analysis

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The Toronto Regent Park area is known for being a culturally diverse, yet highly impoverished and socio-economically divided are. The Regent Park revitalization project is a large opportunity for Toronto Community Housing to recreate the area to become a vibrant, mixed income community. The project will be support the infrastructure/economy as well. The addition of commercial areas will increase employment rates and possibly remove a percentage of the citizens from the poverty line. The Regent Park Employment Plan and TCHC provide connections to jobs available through Regent Park revitalization, city-wide initiatives, and wider labour market opportunities. Revitalized Regent Park creates a wider job market, furthermore being more economically…show more content…
Revitalization promotes it by decreasing the socio-economic gap between communities because of housing and employment possibilities, encouraging less isolation and motivating more socialization. The large community and housing is also more encouraging to immigrants looking for a…show more content…
As previously stated, the project is vital to creating a mixed income community/providing for the lower income. With 65% of the population in old Regent Park living below the poverty line, the revitalization helps by offering over 200 affordable rentals and over 2000 RGI units. It also creates a range of housing opportunities, building a mix of condos, townhouses and low and high rise buildings. In addition to housing, more employment opportunities are offered as well as a part of adding more commercial/retail space to the area. Larger commercial space makes for easier access to basic needs, thus enhancing quality of life and encouraging more citizens to move to the area. As a result, the Regent Park area becomes a more livable, mixed income community as it provides the shopping, employment and other services for everyone in the area. An argument against revitalization may be that the cost of approximately $1 billion is far too high, however for a twelve year project, it proves to be more economically stable. The addition of commercial areas creates more production of goods and services, and is furthermore beneficial to Toronto’s economy as well as being financially beneficial for the residents . To conclude, the Regent Park revitalization is a great opportunity to create a large cultural, social, mixed income society and enhance

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