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Maria Rivas Ms. Goodson English 262 October 20, 2015 Reggaeton: A New Genre of Music What is Reggaeton Music? Many people may not know what Reggaeton is, but for Latin American people is easy to know that this is a popular and unique style of music. Reggaeton is a form of Urban Latin Music, this music has a mix of many rhythms that includes drum machines, "rapping in spanglish" and fast─paced beats. This kind of music has an interesting history of its origins, even is considered a culture, also this music has caused controversy and has become very popular in Latin American and has cross over the world. Reggaeton music is from Jamaican Reggae, but it was influenced by other music directions, for example North American Hip-Hop and Puerto Rican rhythms. According to the articles"Panama is the birthplace of this music" it all started for the wave of immigration of Jamaicans who immigrated to Panama, to work in the Panama Canal. They bought their Reggae music and eventually it was translated to Spanish and was called "Spanish Reggae". Reggae was performed first time in Spanish it was in Panama (by Chicho Man), while the first Spanish rap was performed (by Vico C) a singer from Puerto Rico, who is consider one of the founders of reggaeton this all happened in 1985. The first sounds of modern Reggaeton…show more content…
Therefore; it is easy to to see the confusion that may cloud the true origins of Reggaeton music. Another controversy is the dance that is associated with reggaeton music, because it has a negative connotation that goes along with it. The dance is called “perreo”, which means “doggie” this dance evokes sexual position and that is the center of controversy because of sexually explicit dance moves that it contains. The type of dancing is becoming part of the new culture in several modern countries around the

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