Regicide, Fratricide And Suicide In William Shakespeare's Hamlet

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Introduction Shakespeare’s Hamlet has many deaths due to many different people and many different ways. Regicide, fratricide, homicide, and suicide are shown in the play. Regicide is the killing of a king or taking part in killing a king.Regicide is shown when young Hamlet kills Claudius. Fratricide is the killing of one’s brother or sister. Fratricide is shown when Claudius killed his brother, old Hamlet. Homicide is the killing of someone. Homicide is shown when Hamlet killed Polonius. Suicide is the act of taking one’s own life voluntarily and intentionally. Ophelia demonstrates suicide in the play Hamlet.

Regicide Claudius the King of Denmark was killed by Hamlet. This shows regicide because Claudius is the king and Hamlet kills Claudius. Claudius is murdered because he had a plan to kill Hamlet, but it
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King Claudius was old Hamlet’s brother therefore Hamlet’s uncle. Hamlet’s father had passed away one night and no one knew the reasoning. Hamlet’s father’s ghost appeared one night and explained to Hamlet how he was murdered. Claudius poured poison into his ear when he was asleep in his orchard. The poison curdled old Hamlet’s blood and caused sores all over his body. The rumours spread around was that he was bite by a poisonous snake. Fratricide is shown from old Hamlet killing his brother Claudius.

Homicide Ophelia’s father, Polonius, is murdered from Hamlet, Hamlet had no intention on killing Polonius he thought it Claudius was the one behind the tapestry spying on Gertrude. Gertrude called Hamlet to her chamber to talk about how he offended his stepfather, Claudius. Hamlet snaps back at her, making her scared and cry out for help. Polonius calls out for help behind the tapestry. Hamlet then suspects it is Claudius, “How now! a rat?” (III.IV.22) Hamlet stabbed the unidentified man through the tapestry killing Polonius. Hamlet reveals Polonius’s body

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