Regina Cates Case Study

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Experience, they say, is the best teacher, especially if you learn from the experience and transform yourself in the process. well, this is exactly what happened to Regina Cates, which make her the ideal adviser where life experiences are concerned. Through the many challenges, disappointments, and episodes of unhappiness that she went through, she was able to create a beautiful new book, Lead with your heart: creating a life of love, compassion, and purpose. She also co-founded a website, Romancing Your Soul, where you will find a wide range of tools for empowerment

Who is Regina Cates?
Regina Cates is a woman with many talents and abilities. She has a teaching degree from Sam Houston University in Texas, and a Master's in public and private management from Birmingham-Southern College in Alabama. She's also a classical musician, has worked as director of the MBA
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Work With Me
If you find yourself browsing through romancing your soul, it is possible that you're looking for answers or just a bit of helpful advice. well, Regina encourages you to work with her.
One-on-One with Regina
You have the option to purchase a one on one session with Regina Cates where she will work with you so you can create the life you truly want she will teach you how to "unravel judgemental, limiting, and negative thinking so you can take your power back and Reconnect with your confident and supportive heart". One on one sessions are provided through telephone in person or Skype depending on what is most convenient for you.

Online Workshop
"Working one-on-one with you makes my heart

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