Regional And Economic Growth In The 1800's

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Regional & Economic Growth Assessment The North and South were both different and similar in how they operated. They were mostly based on the categories of transportation, agriculture, geography/climate, labor/industry, and society during the early 1800’s. These categories decided how much the North and South would progress as the country continued to grow. Geography/Climate In the North, they had all the four seasons of fall, winter, spring, and summer. The North had cold winters and hot summers compared to the South. Many Northern states like Maine had really short growing times and long, cold winters that were bad for crops. The more Southern states like Ohio were better for crops as they had a longer growing season. The geography of…show more content…
With the invention of the “cotton gin” and other inventions like it, it caused the demand for slaves to go up and to man these machines. The crops they grew in the South were tobacco, rice, sugar cane, and indigo. These were mostly the "big money" crops sold. Near some of the bays in the South, they gathered fish, oysters, and crabs. They also grew cotton as it was a promising crop, but it was difficult for them to get out the unnecessary parts. That is why the invention of the “cotton gin” was very important for the South, as it helped them get out seeds faster than a slave could. Ten years after the invention of the “cotton gin”, cotton became the South’s most important…show more content…
It was also important for factory owners to deliver goods to customers far away from where these goods were manufactured. One improvement they made to help transportation was making a system of roads. This made it a lot easier for travelling from state to state, and even allowed people to pass through the Appalachian Mountains to more Western states with ease. Though the system of roads helped a lot, river travel was still a lot faster. The Northern states made canals to get across the North like the canal from the Hudson River to Lake Erie. This was to let steamboats, a new form of transportation, to deliver goods to the states bordering the rivers and lakes they travelled on. Rails was also one of the largest forms of transportation in the North. Steam-powered trains were used to carry passengers and goods to anywhere that track was
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