Regionalism Vs Western Civilization

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They can explain the current order by defining the world through regionalism as the west is increasing its democratic ideals through other states while the east is still embedded with cultural ideologies based on Huntington’s statements. Fukuyama stresses out that Western idea of “Democracy” has emerged victorious after the Cold War and such that man has reached its ideological evolution which is the idea of Liberalism, whose concepts is still practiced up to the present, as the final form of its government. Huntington explains in his article, Clash of Civilizations, that each current civilization is divided based on their norms and culture that defines them to be different across other regions. As he explains further, after the Cold War, the divided world that once fought for ideological differences now fights for their cultural differences. The Western Civilization has dominated the civilizations across the globe where their power seems to be on top that they appear to be dominating smaller states. The strength of the West is not only proven in military power and security but also in the economy as well. Western countries like the United States have been dominant in the International system whereas, they are the leading forces in terms of economic policies and their interests on the global community. However, just as the west is the leading driving force of power does not mean that other civilizations such as those who are contradicting the west, will believe in their

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