Registered Nurse Career Choice

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The career I chose to pursue is Registered Nurse. The reason why I chose Registered Nurse as my career choice is I love helping people. Making sure they are taken care of in every area from bathing, to cleaning, to hospitality. Registered Nurse is a good choice because you get to work with a variety of patients, and kids in the pediatric department and geriatric. Nurses are also very specialized in neo-natal intensive care. Where they take care of the babies that need around the clock care. Nurses walk around managing who is doing their jobs observing and recording patient behavior. Registered Nurses have a lot of responsibilities. Some of the responsibilities that they have are treating emergencies such as heart attacks, strokes, and car accidents.…show more content…
Some nurses work in the patient’s home which is called Home Help Aid. Most of them work in familiar healthcare facilities. They many more nurses such as, travel nurse where they work, where Registered Nurses’ are in short supply they mainly work either in domestically or in foreign countries. No matter where you work at as a Registered nurse you will always see things that you have never seen before, or you see on a day to day bases. The Registered nurse field is filling up every day, there are always jobs opened and needed in that department. The average salary that a Registered Nurse makes a year is around sixty-six thousand dollars. The reported salary that an Registered Nurse makes is ranged from $45,000 the lowest rate is 10% to more than $98,880 in the highest rate which is 90% of earners. The job outlook on Registered Nursing is a very exciting thing. Nursing positions and specialties are available in today’s dynamic healthcare industry. Nursing is to help prepare nurses to take on these expanded roles, where acute and coordinated care, advanced theory, and critical thinking. These things are career possibilities for highly skilled nurses. There are a few reasons why I have chosen Registered Nursing as my career is that it’s a career in nursing that offers plenty of choices and adapt you to profession to fit your lifestyle. They also have great hours, and have a mobility outlook on understanding things. When you go to college nursing grads have the opportunity to have a longer education and an optimized orientation experience as a new hire. The opportunities for learning how to be a Registered Nursing is an endless thing. No matter where you go there will always be a place for Registered Nurse needed. Registered Nurses are a big part of the leadership in the workplace. They help the other employees when they need assistance when any
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