Registered Nurse Future

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My Future of Becoming a Registered Nurse Want to send your career helping those in need? A registered nurse (RN) is an awarding job since you are helping so many people and you would be proud of yourself for what you do everyday. As a registered nurse you can help people in different ways, not only physically, but mentally also. Since I was a child, I always wanted to become someone who helped someone in need. I asked my mom what career could I pursue in to help people everyday and she said a nurse, so I looked further into it and decided I would love to become a registered nurse. This was around the time I was in middle school, so when I got into highschool, I already had my mind set on becoming a registered nurse. I have completed pathways and have my CPR license, sports medicine, and emergency medical responder certificates. I am also going to get my CNA license my senior year. My achievements show that I definitely want to be a registered nurse. Becoming an RN is not only challenging by the four years of schooling, but the many responsibilities too. All of the hard work pays off, literally, by your pay and you are ensured to have a job wherever you go. Registered Nursing is a detailed job that takes a lot of skill because there is no room for errors.…show more content…
After going to school to get the license, then RNs advance to entering the workforce. Many employers are flexible on the work hours and they may even offer childcare or educational advantages(“Bureau of Labor Statistics”). RNs also have the option of becoming a part time RN. In 2014, 1 out of 6 RNs worked part time(BLS). RNs salary is around $67,490 therefore they make about $32.45 an hour(BLS). The range is quite dramatic though like the lowest 10 percent made $46,000 a year and the highest made $101,000 a year(BLS). If you work for the government if varies usually they make around $70,000, but if you work residential they make $46,000. In my opinion, that is most definitely an adequate amount of money for
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