Registered Nurse Portfolio Analysis

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The importance for a Registered nurse (RN) to maintain a portfolio is for evidence of personal accountability. Portfolio is defined as a collection of evidence demonstrating acquisition of skills, knowledge and achievement related to a professional career. (Cherry, B., & Jacob, S. 2008) A portfolio is usually started during the professional nursing course and built on throughout a nurse’s career. The nurse’s portfolio is a way of displaying to an employer, supervisor, committees, or college admissions a detail picture of competencies, skills and achievements accomplished throughout their career. An Rn’s portfolio also includes a reflection of his/her professional development, which will be explained more throughout this summary. The key components I would like to go into more detail for an RN’s profile is the following; introductory page, clinical competencies, evaluation and achievements.…show more content…
All of these topics are essential for an individual reviewing the RN’s profile, because they give the interviewer a basic generalization of a possible candidate for their position. The interviewer can get a good grasp on how long an individual stays at a job, what specialty of nursing they’ve been in, where they went to school, years of experience and why they wanted to go into nursing in the first place. All these descriptions about an individual will lay down the foundation for an interviewer to get know the RN. Next, I would like to discuss the importance for clinical experience to be included in the portfolio. The Clinical experience essentially displays to an interviewer how well a RN documents, how they performed during clinical and how they took care of their patient. An interviewer needs to know how a RN devotes her time, care and needs for a
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