Registered Nurse Practitioner Essay

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A nurse practitioner takes the place of a physician when there's a gap in the amount of doctors available at a hospital or clinic. The nurse will examine patients, order tests and prescribe medications like a doctor would. A nurse will support disease prevention with patients as well as focusing on wellness and a change in bad lifestyle habits. Between the two levels of schooling the practitioner needs, you'll be able to assess your interests and get some experience before deciding on a career path. Step 1: Become a Registered Nurse Courses to become a registered nurse would include some of the same courses needed to become a physician. Biology, anatomy, nutrition, physiology and health assessment are just a few of the course you'll need to become a registered nurse. You'll have to earn a bachelor of science in nursing degree to become a…show more content…
In most cases, the school will require a year of nursing experience in a clinical setting. The type of experience the RN chooses will depend on his or her interests. You'll be picking a direction or specialty while working that will inform your choice of specialty going forward. It might be geriatrics, pediatrics or intensive care. Step 4: Master of Science in Nursing or MSN An MSN program includes classroom work as well as environments in a clinical setting. It'll include working with those in the specialty you've chosen. This is why it's important to know the direction you'd like to take in your education. Your end goal might be to work with families, cancer patients, heart patients, geriatrics, pediatrics or another specialty. You'll take courses that will help you in that specialty as well as pharmacology, ethics and classes on physical assessment. You may also decide to become a nurse anesthetists or nurse midwife with this education. Step 5: License and
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