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A registered nurse (RN) is someone who on a daily basis, records medical histories and symptoms, administers patients’ medicine, treatments, and sets up plans for the care or contributes to existing plans of the patients’ (“Registered Nurses.”). Registered nurses observe the patients’ and then they record their observations to keep track of the patient 's’ progress. Registered nurses are required to consult with a doctor or another healthcare professional regarding the wellbeing of patients’. Also, RN’s help perform diagnostic tests and analyze results (“Registered Nurses.”). Above all, the most helpful thing a registered nurse does, is teach their patients’ and their patients’ family how to manage illnesses and injuries and what should…show more content…
They too record vital signs, and administer care to those in need of it. I found three companies in which this job is available in this area; Union Hospital, Clinton, IN; Union Hospital, Terre Haute, IN; and Regional Hospital, Terre Haute, IN (“Registered Nurses.”). As a registered nurse, one is required to be able to deal with multiple things at once. Opposed to other jobs that possibly just deal with people, data, or things alone, nursing has to do with all three of these. A nurse has to be able to communicate with a patient, record the progress of the patient, and also operate the equipment being used. Nurses have to be kind and compassionate as well, “The character of a nurse is as important as the knowledge she possesses”. It takes a lot of patience to be a registered nurse, and not everyone is cut out for the job. I think I would be a great fit for registered nursing because I communicate well with people and I can multi-task. Being able to multi-task is probably one of the most important skills needed for nursing. If I were to go into the nursing field, I would be a pediatric nurse. The reason being is that I love being around children, especially babies. I believe that I have the aptitude for this job because I feel the need to help people that are injured or

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