Duties Of A Registered Nurse Essay

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Role, duties and responsibilities as a registered Nurse or Staff Nurse Registered nurse duties different according to the areas of the expertise. They carry along a central role in promoting the wellness by performing a full range of services. A registered Nurse mainly focuses on caring for educating the patients and their family members about early recovery and ways of prevention of diseases. Hence, nurses assess patients’ health problems and needs, develop and execute nursing care plans and maintain medical records. The profession of a registered nurse comes along with the complexities and major responsibilities. Registered nurse works in different areas of the health care sector, having different obligations and different working hours. The majority of the medical staff is the vast bulk of their energy strolling, standing, moving up and bending. They are working intimately with patients who are experiencing irresistible illnesses. The registered nurse may help their patients as primary care providers, that helps with all facets of patient care such as bedside care. Generally, all registered nurses are responsible for tasks like taking vital signs, prepping and giving injections, performing lab test, cleaning equipment and supervising nursing aides. They…show more content…
The conduct of clinical instructors plays a substantial part in the improvement of expert nursing, for example, learning, part displaying and clinical ability. Effective clinical instructor’s characteristics provide insight into the enhancement of educational plans for preparing professional nurses. Clinical instructor characteristic play an all important role since clinical instructor not just empower students to clear the information and achievements related to caring for patients, but also leaving the student to disguise the part of the nurses as primary care

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