Registered Nurse Scholarship Essay

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Allow me to express my sincerest gratitude for this opportunity you have granted me. My academic goal is to pursue an education as a Registered Nurse and hopefully a three-year Bachelor of Science degree program in the future. For my parents, education was not something that came easy in Mexico. They had to have money and supplies, which they did not. Their education went as far as middle school, until they had to quit and help my grandparents work. With little education they have, they offered to help me in my school work when I would struggle. As I entered high school I learned that paying for college would have to be on me, because I did not want my parents to pay when I am capable of working and paying on my own, so I dedicated myself to my classes and graduated with a great GPA. Senior year I knew I would be attending Chemeketa, I had taken college classes throughout my high school education and I loved all the teachers.…show more content…
It will give me a great head start, financially. I have always been curious if scholarships would be enough help to pay for my education. I said to myself, “Get good grades to get scholarships and it will not be as hard because I will have the financial help I need. There will not be a reason to say I cannot do it because I know how hard it is to get the financial help for college.” I strive to be a student who tries hard to learn and obtain as much as possible, this student is who I will be because of this amazing scholarship I have been awarded with. I would like to convey my sincerest appreciation for my Susan Murray Merit scholarship. It is a great opportunity I plan to take and use wisely to reach my goals. You will not be disappointed in granting me this wonderful scholarship, I intend to use it
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