Registered Nurse Strengths

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Since the sixth grade I always knew what field I wanted to go in, but I never knew exactly what I wanted to do. I knew I always wanted to go into the medical field due to the fact my mother was always in out of the hospital due to her being diagnosed with cancer. I had a list of jobs that seemed interesting to me which was to be an anesthesiologist, registered nurse, nurse practitioner, or oncologists. When I got to college I finally picked my major which is nursing. I know my top five strengths will help me as I start my journey of becoming a registered nurse. By receiving my strengths freshman year of college, I know going into the medical field to become a registered nurse my strengths will only continue to grow rapidly due to the fact how competitive it is. For…show more content…
Although I haven’t had many jobs I can say I have had one job that has helped me develop as a person and figure out what I wanted to do in life. Over the summer I received a job working for Michigan department of transportation. This was only a summer job, but I have to say I’m happy till this day that I received the opportunity to work for them. MDOT was a summer program for engineering, but it also helped students that were getting ready to graduate from high school. This job made you talk about your goals, learn how to handle interviews, and not only that we were mentored by individuals that were already in college. When it comes to me getting work done I always make sure I complete my first task before moving on. Not only that, but I always made sure I stay organized because that’s the only way I can stay on task. My type of work style differs in certain situations. I have two work styles I mainly stick to which is working independently or working with others. I don’t mind working with others because that’s a way you meet new people, but sometimes I just like to be alone and get my work done all by

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