Registered Nursing Essay

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Registerd Nursing Thesis: I chose to do Registered Nursing (RN) as my senior project. Because, ive always liked to help people and see people smile and i just think that this is the perfect proffesion for me and ive alawys wanted to be a nurse. In my paper i am going to talk about the in and outs of Registred Nursing from the history to the education you have to have to be a RN. And why i want to be an RN one day in the future and to explain everything about this profession because there are somethings that i didnt even know that im going to talk about in this paper this is going to talk about how registred nursing came to be, the education/training, the salary, and just the general things about this career. The History "The history of modern day nursing can trace its roots back to nuns and military personnel. In time of peace and war, there were individuals that would care for the sick and…show more content…
RN education degree requirements range from a diploma to a bachelor’s degree. Diploma programs are offered at hospitals and typically last three years. Associate’s degrees in nursing are offered at community colleges and take two to three years to complete. Bachelor’s degrees in nursing are offered at colleges and universities and take four years to complete"(collegequest 1) . There are many different options for education for this career. So choosing this career option theres more to it than just one degree or certificate. Salary A salary changes from state to state, it just depends on the state and city you are in but theres is statistics for the whole United States and im going to put some charts in here just to show thsese things: Conclusion So this paper was basically just to explain why i want to be a registerd nurse one day in the future and to put in some of the things that take a look at what being an RN is. From the History to the Salary. And thats how i wanted to end this
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