Registration Week Survivor Game Analysis

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Registration-Week Survivor game consists of three levels. The first level is where the player (student) runs and try to avoid obstacles/enemies to get the advisor’s signature within a specific limited time. When the game is started, the player get control of the student character. To move the character right or left, the player should press the “right arrow” or the “left arrow” keys respectively from the keyboard. To make the character jump, however, the player should press the “top arrow” key. Essentially, the player’s character will face many barriers and obstacles in the game environment throughout the levels. Therefore, it’s only natural that if the player is to encounter obstacles while moving, such as other students or water puddle, the…show more content…
When this level starts, the player gets control of the student character that appeared in the first level. The movement of the character is similar to the first level, in that, the player presses the “right arrow” and the “left arrow” keys from the keyboard to move right and left, and jump by pressing the “top arrow” key. Similar to the first level, the player will face a lot of barriers and obstacles in the game environment while controlling the character. So, if player encounters another student or water puddle while moving, player should jump over them in order to proceed in the game, otherwise the player will lose some time. Unlike the first level, player can’t get coins to gain extra time which makes the level more challenging. Moreover, security guard characters are presented in this level as enemies who move around in the level. The only way to avoid those guards is by jumping over them, otherwise they will kill the player and restart the level. Ultimately, the player should keep on moving until the character reaches the registration director safely so player can get the signature and complete the level. Once the player finishes the registration task, the player wins the
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