Regret And Optimism In Lord Of The Flies Quote Analysis

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A survivor's eyes tell a story of regret and optimism, and pain and tenacity. A survivor’s eyes tell a story of regret and optimism. When someone has lived a full life, they tell a story of regret and optimism. They have lived through many stories of sadness, pain, hurt, fear, hope, and faith. Survivors have done things that they have regret, they have experienced things that will stick with them forever, and haunt them in their dreams. Survivors have lived through the worst but keep on pushing, because they know there is something better tomorrow. Optimism is what helps survivors survive. Optimism gets survivors through the times of regret, loss, sorrow, and fear. When one has optimism for the future it forces them to continue to survive, even when the pain, agony, and regret seem to…show more content…
In the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding, Piggy and Ralph both experience regret after killing Simon, but they try to rationalize it by saying it was an accident. They then say that they need to be rescued. “QUOTE” This gives Ralph and Piggy optimism for the future after deep regret for killing a close friend. In order to survive these circumstances Ralph and Piggy needed the reassurance that rescue brought, but they also needed to be able to feel the regret for what they did. A survivor has lived through many things, and they need to be able to get through it with the help of optimism and tenacity. A survivor’s eyes tell a story of pain and tenacity. Everyone who has lived a good life, one filled with tears, pain, love, hope, and faith is considered a survivor. If one has not felt pain in their life they have not fully lived. Pain comes in all shapes and forms, anywhere from losing someone, a pet or growing up and losing your innocence. All of these things are mentally painful, and can take years to
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