Regret As Depicted In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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“I regret, absolutely and vehemently, how much of a wretch I became. I commenced a rampage, murdered three people, and suffered unreasonably. I killed myself because my ghastly, unearthly appearance could not be seen as human.” “I think I most regret running away from Mr. Rochester. He was so objectifying, I hate to think how I should have married him- and yet- I regret it. Sometimes it is nice to be treated as he treated me, but I did not appreciate the dollish-ness of it all.” “At least you are not deformed.” “At least when you come before God, you will be pitied.” The Monster contemplated this. He was a wretched creature indeed, having been created by a hateful master. Would he truly be pitied? Would his yellowed skin and bloodshot eyes, his cracked head, would they prove useful as he was judged by God? He had learned several things about himself through death. The first being that he had many regrets. The second being that he was, ultimately, at God’s mercy, and the third being that his appearance should never have mattered to him. He was God’s creature, not Victor’s, even though Victor had indeed created him. Despite his faults, despite the murder and the…show more content…
Of course, he had been a wretch, a murderer, a complete and total monster. Had he been a monster from the start, or only once he killed poor William? That was the one thing that still puzzled him. He had nothing to be proud of, nothing to take pride in, except his killings, which he abhorred. Ultimately, those would be the things that made him a monster, he could not think of anything else. His cruelty towards humanity had been brought on by the ways in which he had been treated, yet it unmasked the fact that he was utterly inhuman. He was a mass of parts that had been already dead, a zombie of sorts. He was a tired, ugly creature, afraid of himself and now terrified, for how could anyone take pity on such a monster? He doubted even God
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