Regret Kate Chopin Analysis

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In the short story “Regret” written by Kate Chopin reveals how people do not enjoy their life to the fullest because they tend to hold back due to fears. In the short story the main character, Mamzelle Aurlie, experienced being a mother to four children she never had, while the children’s mother Odile had a family emergency. Odile went to Aurlie in a short matter of time and expected her to take care of her children with no hesitation. Aurlie had no experience with childcare and did not foresee the need for attention, affection, and guidance. She struggled for a couple of days until she was able to understand and contemplate the children. In the process of learning what to do with them, she starts to get mentally attached to the children, and didn’t realize how much she valued the kids until Odile took them back. The departure of the children living her alone made her realize how lonely she was. She owned a farm, was an independent woman, and had workers work for her. Throughout the short story, she lets the reader know that once settled in the ideal life; it is essential to think about other factors that can make your life happier. Like Aulie, women and men should always enjoy the things they do, but they should realize that they have other things to experience and get out of their comfort zone. In my point of view, the deeper meaning of this story is to live one’s life to its full potential, and one should feel the need to try something new. In this story, Mamzell
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