Reguero-Almandeel-Purohitto Company Case Study

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Executive Summary This paper will major in the information technology planning system of the Reguero-Almandeel-Purohitto Company. The organization is a well-known organization that has its Head Offices at the West Coast of North America. The company deals with real estate business. The core directors of the company have come to a realization that their company is not walking towards an actual path. By this, the organization decided to venture in upgrading its systems as a way to enhance marketing strategies, which will later turn to profit the company. The importance of new technology is that the yields of effective work increases and at the same time-saving time. Apparently, most of its deals succeed since the association has a trusted name…show more content…
Poor financial support in any organization leads to a probable loss in the company. Acquiring property from auction aired requires skill in that after placing a bid one has to go through with the proposed number to seal the deal. At first, Reguero-Almandeel-Purohit Company did not have sufficient finance hence it had to work its way through encouraging shareholder to invest on the company 's projects completely (Davenport, 2013). Through such means, the company progressed and acquired tangible and valuable property. By this factor, major banks in the area decided to venture into business with Reguero-Almandeel-Purohit Company. The banks offered good loans with reasonable interest hence boosted Reguero-Almandeel-Purohit Company to deal with large…show more content…
What it means is that the company has numerous retail markets across the region. Many people will value Reguero-Almandeel-Purohit as a legitimate company hence proceeds to facilitate business with the enterprise. Another strength that the company has is to exhibit good qualities like being an example to the organizations (Granovetter, 2010). The procedure originates from responsible shareholders and managers and cultured employees in that the workplace will have a peaceful environment. The result would be to promote the efficiency of work done. Any company should focus on its strengths and exploit its

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