Regulating Federalism

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10. Who does what to expand federal framework and regulate public spending? Ever since the drafting of the Constitution, Americans have searched for a balance of responsibilities between the states and the national government, in an effort to create a stronger Union. Recently, Americans have become skeptical of the government; as a result, Americans are more inclined to give greater responsibilities to the states. By reshaping the responsibilities between the states and the national government, Americans have been divided. Several people argue that the federal government should set national standards, while others disagree and argue for the states. 11. How did the New Deal affect American lives? During the mid-1930s, whilst the Hoover…show more content…
National officials bypassed the state governments because of the racial segregation present in many Southern states. However, several programs and policies (such as Medicaid) were passed through state governments, because the national government replied on the states to implement them. Consequently, the states became a crucial component of the federal system once they gained greater responsibilities. 14. How does regulated federalism and national standards connect with the Supreme Court? The Supreme Court holds the responsibility of deciding upon the fundamental rights of American citizens. Over time, the Supreme Court, along with the national government, has improved America’s national standards. Primarily with grants-in-aid and regulations, the Supreme Court and national government have allocated money to local governments, under the condition that they are spent for purposes outlined by Congress. However, the Supreme Court has prompted many Americans to question, “who pays” the grants that help to regulate federalism and improve national standards. 15. What was the connection between New Federalism and state
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